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Here are some testimonials from satisfied clients who have successfully taken out loans against their boats with Logbook Loans Ton Pentre –

I have wanted for a very long time to renovate my shabby outdated kitchen, but the prices quoted to me were more than I was prepared to pay.

Then my neighbor suggested that I take out a loan against my boat. This was an ideal solution, as I no longer use the boat myself but wanted to keep it to present to my nephew as a gift on his twenty-first birthday next year. The cash raised by the loan paid for a beautiful new kitchen, and with careful planning and expert advice from Logbook Loans Ton Pentre and loan company I was able to repay the loan in plenty of time to reclaim the boat for my nephew.
Paula – east midlands

I was going through a period of financial struggle about a year ago, having lost my job, and one of the biggest problems I faced was the cost of maintaining and housing my beloved fishing-boat. Many people suggested that I sell it, but it would have completely broken my heart to do so.

Then I saw an article online about Logbook Loans Ton Pentre and loan company and discovered the perfect solution to my problem. Not only did the loan against my boat provide me with a welcome amount of cash to help me over a very difficult time, but during the loan period I saved a considerable amount on marina fees and other maintenance costs which was also a great benefit. Now things are definitely looking up – and I have my boat back. I would recommend a loan like this to anyone in my situation.
Hamish – west midlands

I always thought of approaching Logbook Loans Ton Pentre for a loan as something rather unsavory and unpleasant, but that could not be further from the truth.

My employer has had extensive dealings with Logbook Loans Ton Pentre and loan company over the years, and discussing it with him has made me realize that it is actually a sensible and reliable solution to a temporary cash-flow problem. My husband and I recently took out a loan against our speed-boat, and the arrangement helped us over a difficult time easily and securely, with the firm always more than happy to discuss and adjust the terms of the loan to give us the maximum benefit from it. We are very grateful.
Susan – London

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